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Butter Ghee Blend 99,7%

Butter Ghee Blend 99,7%

Product Category:Butter Blend
Total Fat:99,7%
Packing:0,3%, Milk Fat: 25%, 10%, 0,6% г
Packing:Tin 18kg, Plastic buckets 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg
Shelf-life:from +10ºС to -20ºС - 12 months

Description brand "Zolotava"

Zolotava products are produced on our own technical equipment meeting all the requirements and standards of qualitative butter and cheese. The products are controlled by a professional team. Multilevel quality control and compliance with quality production technologies have ensured the success for Zolotava Brand in Ukraine as well as in other countries which import its products.